Viddyoze Review 3.0 And Pricing For 2020

Viddyoze launched its first version beginning September 2015 and ever since has grown to a product with a wealth of functionality that is provided for little cost, and Viddyoze 3.0 is no difference to this, but after this launch, the pricing model will change, so interested people may want to take advantage of getting fully now.

Since launching in September 2015 Viddyoze has been constantly improved and with Viddyoze 3.0 has grown to a very powerful animation and rendering engine to date that cuts down the rendering time even in peak hours, and so users don’t have to wait for your Viddyoze video to be generated, but there is much more to tell about Viddyoze 3.0.

Some people misunderstand what Viddyoze is and so first let’s clarify that Viddyoze is not a video editing software, but through its customizable templates, users are able to generate highly professional assets that can be used within their videos, such as logos, alfa (put on top of your videos), intros, outros, transitions, backgrounds, lower thirds, life actions, although a titles and social media animations and additionally in our allows adding audio.

By adding these elements to their initial simple video they are turning it into a professional marketing machine. Some of the templates can be even used for short promotional videos by themselves.


  • Thousands of Professional Templates: Explore an entire Viddyoze library with available professional templates. Find templates irrespective of any style, industry, or niche of the business.
  • Unrestricted Renders: Create 200 videos in a month with endless choice and opportunity. Create unlimited custom brand palettes with the help of logo, colors, and more.
  • Alpha Technology: Explore with transparent technology of live animation like texting where animation is of the next level. Create real effects with Alpha Technology that has super animation.
  • Multiple User Access: Access Viddyoze animation output with multiple users in a team. Increase Viddyoze animation output by doubling or tripling with various user access.
  • Pricing: Viddyoze pricing is not publicly listed. For packaging and pricing information contact the vendor directly.

How Do You Use Viddyoze?

This software is incredibly simple to use. All you do is select an animation template based on your needs, customize it using a simple point and click tools, and then finalize your choices and click “create” to make your video render.

What is a Viddyoze Render?

In the Viddyoze app each animation, you customize and create counts as a render. You can look at the animation templates and start to customize them, but as long as you don’t actually render them it doesn’t count towards your monthly total.

Is Viddyoze a Scam?

No, it’s not a scam. It’s a powerful and useful video customizing software with hundreds or thousands of templates available, depending on whether you buy into the Viddyoze template club.

How to make money with Viddyoze?

There are a number of ways to earn cash with this product. I use it mostly to enhance my content marketing, by creating cool videos for my blog and YouTube channel. But as long as you get the commercial license you can also sell videos or make them for clients.